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Printable Business Receipts and How to Write It

Receipt is a document given to customers for payment. It also records your sales. Different types of businesses will need different templates of receipt. In this article, we provide printable business receipts. If you are looking for a business receipt, you can find the appropriate one for your own business here.

How to Write a Business Receipt

Even though we have a collection of printable business receipt templates, you can consider writing it by your own. The easiest way is to purchase a receipt book. It is very cheap to buy this receipt book. In addition, you can also fulfill the receipt easily. That is why many companies prefer using this one.

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However, it is a good idea to write it by your own. At the top right of the receipt, you can start with the receipt number. Still at the top right, a receipt should also contain the date. It is the date of when the transaction happens. Make sure that you write the complete date including the month as well as year.

At the top left, it should be the name of your company. Make sure that you write the legal & complete name of the company. Some companies consider adding their logo. You can also do it if possible. Then, you should provide the contact info under it. At least, you include the complete address of the company.

The main body of the receipt contains the items purchased including their costs. It can be presented in form of table or just a simple list. In this part, you may also need to add the information about quantity. So, you can mention the cost or price per item as well as the cost or price based on the quantity.

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The next step is to write down the subtotal. Actually, it is an optional. If your company applies tax & shipping, you have to include it. So, under the subtotal, you should add other charges such as sales tax & shipping. Finally, you can put the grand total. It is the final amount of money to be paid by the customer.

Our free printable business receipts may have different templates. However, the basic details of info may be similar. Sometimes, it is important to include the payment method used by the customer. In this case, you have to let the customers know about the acceptable methods of payment.

Creating a digital receipt is also possible. There are 3 ways how to do it. First of all, you can consider downloading it. This is the easiest solution. Secondly, you can do it using software. For example, you can make a professional-look receipt with Showboxed, Certify, NeatReceipt, etc.

Another way is to use a POS system. It is a good idea for highly accurate receipt management. You can download POS systems on computer, tablet & even phone. If it seems too difficult, the simplest idea is to use our printable business receipts. You can download them for free.

Printable business receipts are needed in your business. It contains some information details for transaction. You can make it by your own or use our collections.

Free Printable Petty Cash Taxi Rent Sales Receipts for Your Business

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printable business receipts

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45+ Printable Receipt Templates | Free & Premium Templates

45+ Printable Receipt Templates | Free & Premium Templates

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printable business receipts

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