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Blue paper was very popular in the past. It firstly appeared in 1389 in the northern Italy. One hundred years later, many Italian artists used blue papers. No need long time, blue paper become very popular there. Now, you may also have it. If you are interested, you can use the following printable blue paper.

Different Types of Blue Paper

If you are looking for free printable blue paper, it is very important to know different types of blue paper. There are 2 types of blue paper. The first is venetian blue paper. It can be considered as one of the most popular blue papers. There are many factors that contribute to the production of this paper.

One of the artists who used this blue paper for drawing was Carpaccio. He drew oeuvre on this blue paper. In fact, blue paper was usually used for drawing. This tradition continued until the 18th century. Now, blue paper has more general uses. It can be used by many people and also for different purposes.

The second type is blue hollande. Blue paper of northern European also acquired recognition during the following centuries. Finally, a Dutch papermaker produced finely crafted papers with purplish color. Then, some people call it as a blue hollande. This blue paper is also well known as a Dutch blue paper.

Various Uses of Blue Paper

People use free printable blue papers for different purposes. In 18th century in France, blue mounts were very popular. Blue papers were used for drawing. Even more, sometimes there was more than one kind of blue paper used. One of the blue paper collectors at the time was Pierre-Jean Mariette.

Besides that, blue paper was also used for printmaking. One of the artists who printed on blue paper was Hendrik Goltzius. In addition, 18th century French crayon manner prints also used blue paper. It is often made in chalk drawings reproduction. Anyway, it is very important to understand about this use.

Blue paper was used for book production, too. Firstly, blue paper was used for book was in 1514 in Venice. It was published by Aldus Manutius. In 16th century, blue papers were also found in Venetian special book editions. Even more, there were many book covers that also use this kind of blue paper.

Next, it was also used as “blued” paper. In some cases, it often happened especially in 18th as well as 19th centuries. One more, another use of blue paper was for sugar & other wrapping papers. It was practiced until 20th century. A blue paper was manufactured as ream wrappers, too, in paper mills.

How to Get Printable Blue Paper

Having blue paper is very easy. If you need it, you can use our printable blue paper. You will be able to download it easily. Then, you can print it out anytime you want. Once you print it, you can use your own blue paper for your desired purposes. Hopefully this will help you.

Printable blue paper was used for different purposes. If you also need it, you can download our collections of printable blue paper.

printable blue paper

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printable blue paper

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