Social Studies Teacher Job Description – Every Aspect You Should Know And Prepare



The social studies teacher is responsible for teaching pupils about economics, geography, history, religion, and culture. The teacher must create a conducive class condition and develop a healthy debate between students. The class must be full of discussion that all of the students and teacher are respecting each other. If you want to learn further about it, you can read the social studies teacher job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Social Studies Teacher Job Description

Manage the class

One of the responsibilities of a social studies teacher is to manage the class. The jobs include making schedules, creating lesson plans, providing the media and materials which are purposed to reach the curriculum goals.

Analyze the class

The teacher must be able to analyze and observe what the students need to reach their goals. The analysis includes the weakness, strengths, weaknesses, and interests of the students. This is important to help the teacher creating lesson plans.

Monitoring the students

The teacher must monitor the students and make sure all of them are discipline in doing the task. They will keep interacting with the parents talking about the student’s progress. The teacher also acts as a counselor for students that need support.

Establish classroom activities

The teacher is responsible for a classroom activity. This includes conducting a discussion in the class with rules and others.

Organizing trips

Because the subject is all about history, economics, religion, cultures, and other social aspects, the teacher sometimes must have a short trip to give the students a general insight about what they are learning. In this case, the teacher must participate also in certain events especially that is held by the school.

The Requirements In The Social Studies Teacher Job description

  • Academic background – The candidate is required to have a certificate from geography, history, and other related disciplines.
  • Skills – The skills required from a candidate include excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The person must have high patients and can work under pressure.



What’s A Social Studies Teacher’s Main Responsibility?

A social studies teacher is responsible for teaching and guiding students in learning politics, geography, history, culture, and economics. The teacher must create a good debate atmosphere between students in high spirit and respectful way. Besides, the teacher also must set assesment in his/her class.

What Should You Prepare To Be A Social Studies Teacher?

To be a successful teacher in this subject, the first thing to do is understanding well the social studies teacher job description. You must perform teaching with passion and commitment. Generally, to work in this field, the candidate is required to be multitasking. He or she should be able to create a class condition that will not make them feel threatened.

What Are The General Tasks Of A Social Studies Teacher?

Generally, the social studies teacher must provide teaching material and media with the subject of religion, culture, politics, history, and geography. He or she also must provide an assessment to see how the students understand well the material.

To sum up, being a teacher is not only requiring you to have strong knowledge in certain fields. You must have a strong passion for teaching and the ability to create an effective classroom condition. Besides, you also must be able to adapt to various conditions.

Understanding well the social studies teacher job description will simply help you prepare your resume and interview. Good luck!


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