10+ Line Graph example psd design

Line Graph Template for Useful Functionality

You often see the graph that explains certain data and information. It uses correspondence point between vertical and horizontal axis. After that, each point is connected with line. The entire content uses the line graph template. You can find several variations of this one, but the general design is relatively similar.

The blank line graph is available in several formats. If you use data processing software, this part is usually available for input. The obvious software with line graph is spreadsheet. Vertical line uses number, and the horizontal one uses letter. You can pick cell A3 that means the location is at the column A and row 3. Another example is the latitude and longitude on earth.

Line Graph Template Design

In general, most of templates for line graph are usually in plain and blank sheet. In this case, you can put the sign on your own. For example, students must draw the graph using x and y-axis. With this template, they just add x for horizontal, and y for vertical.

Line graph template is available with ready names or signs, including title. It is mostly for specific purpose, such as map with geographic coordinate system. You can draw map directly with the guide from this line graph. On the other hand, some templates are ready for presentation.

Line Graph Template Functions

To know more about this template, you should start from understanding the purpose of line graph. Check the below list for more explanation.

Data presentation

You need to present data with simple and clear presentation. The line graph is one of methods for explaining descriptive data. People see the graph movement from one point to another. The graph will turn into curve when the gap among points is very tiny.

Math lesson

Line graph template is useful for teacher when teaching the graph, function, and data. Students do not need to create everything from beginning. Some math lessons must utilize graph to illustrate.

Map and GPS

As it mentioned above, the map and GPS also relies on graph. You can make a map for direction from one point to another. For more advanced template, the map is integrated with software.


You can use this template for decoration. Drawing in plain sheet is not easy thing to do. You need a guide, and line graph is reliable tool for drawing geometrical decoration.


Some artworks look elegant, and the artists make them via line graph. As similar to decoration and math lesson, line graph can turn into curve for designing any shape. The comic book also has this template for arranging all drawings.

Line Graph Template Format

The format for line graph depends on the software or application you will use. The template is reliable for basic document with Word and graphical presentation by PowerPoint. Moreover, you can edit and modify the layout with title and additional items. All templates are plain and blank. Unless you get specific format and extension, any file is compatible with common editing software.

Line Graph Template Benefits

You can rely on line graph template due to some benefits. Today, computer can make this graph easily. However, it is better if you choose template because it saves the time for starting from beginning.


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