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In-Store Personal Shopping and Styling FAQs

Q –Is there a fee to have a FRESH personal shopper?
A – No way! We are here to help you navigate the world of fashion. Consider us your complimentary guides to your dream wardrobe!

Q – Is there a minimum spend requirement I have to meet to book a stylist?
A – There is no minimum spend for FRESH personal shopping and styling services. We’ll work with you to help you find the best fits and styles for your body, and to recommend staple pieces that will take your wardrobe to a whole new level. Even if you don’t spend a dime, you’ll love getting to know your personal style profile and wardrobe recommendations!!

Q – Do I have to make an appointment?
A – We highly recommend booking an appointment with a stylist for our personal shopping/styling services. We like to set aside time to work with you one on one and get to know your style preferences and wardrobe needs. We feel that dedicated time slots allow us to better serve you! We will of course always assist you with your styling needs anytime you visit FRESH, but for more personalized service appointments are recommended.

Q – What if I’m not available during FRESH store hours?
A – Call us! Personalized services are available outside regular store hours. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and ensure your experience works for you!



Q – How do you know what I’ll like?
A – We use your detailed style profile to get to know your personal preferences and needs. You can also request a conference call if you’d like to share more info about what you’d like in your Fresh Picks Box. Also, once you receive your box, you’ll have a chance to provide feedback and reviews of what you received. The more feedback you provide, the more precise we’ll get at picking looks you love!!

Q – How does the payment work?
A – When you request your FRESH Picks Box, we will hold a credit card number for the order. You will not be charged until you make your selections and return the remaining items. Once we receive your returns, we’ll charge the provided card for what you kept. Simple as that!

Q – What does this service cost?
A – The only service fee involved is a $20 shipping fee. That covers the cost of shipping to you and the return label for what comes back to us. We will not charge your card until you make your selections. If you keep a minimum of $200 of merchandise, the shipping is on us!!

Q – How long do I have to make my selections?
A – Once you receive your box, you have three business days to make your selections and ship back your returns. We provide the packaging and shipping label, so it’s easy to ship back your returns. We also provide detailed information about your deadlines so you’ll know exactly when to ship! If we do not receive notification of your return shipment by the third business day, we will provide a courtesy call to remind you. After 5 business days, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of merchandise. If you are charged the full amount, you have another 5 business days to return unwanted merchandise for store credit. After a total of 10 business days, the sale will be final and merchandise may not be returned.